Calculating Your Personal Net Worth

Just Like picking up a book and comprehending the words on each page, financial literacy means being able to pick up a bill, bank statement or transaction history and truly understand how it affects you. Calculating your net worth can be a useful tool to gauge your financial health and your financial progress over time. […]

Three Generations of the Bafokeng Leadership

The Fourth African Generation

There are three African generations that have passed and we are the fourth generation which can be the greatest African generation. The first generation gained independence, the second generation ruined Africa and the third one fought for democracy and freedom in Africa. The second generation of African leaders ruined Africa and the other two started […]


The Real Cost of Tenderprenership, Kickbacks, and Cronyism.

When I was a young boy I was very impressionable. I used to sway with the friends of the moment. Every couple of years my best friend would either leave the country, my town or my school, and I would find a new best friend to hang out with. Throughout the process I would re-evaluate […]


Bongani Tungamirai – Sticky Fingers Interview

1) What motivated you to start your own business, more especially in the food space? I despised what I was doing while working as a hedge fund accountant. I didn’t see my future in the finance industry and knew that I would never be happy going that route.  When I was in University I got […]


Relationships – Texting tips, Do’s and Don’ts (With Feminist Response)

In light of my expansive experience of having text messages ignored, being blue-ticked by potential suitors and consulting with many women, I have compiled a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts to remember when texting women. (This article is so gendered. Why does it cater only to men? If he can only write advice to […]


We Can and We Will Lead the Way – By Obakeng Leseyane

Africa is the second largest and second most populous continent in the world. It is also projected that by 2050 that Africa’s population would have doubled which sat at 1.111 Billion in 2013. In the thinking of a prosperous future, it is important to better the present as it is said that ‘the best way […]


A breakdown of South Africa’s Economy

By the numbers: ‘A selfie of the South African economy’   We often hear that the economy is ‘bad’, and that we are in ‘tough times’ but do any of us know what that actually means? We have taken a snapshot of the South African economy; these are the numbers that explain the negative claims […]


A Solution For Graduates Without Job Opportunities

Social media has been a buzz after Malwandla Hanabe, a graduate with a degree in Chemical Engineering, was photographed at a street corner searching for a job. This is a sad reality for many South African graduates, proving that just getting a degree is not enough considering the lack of jobs in the country. If […]


Blessings on Blessings

Big Sean said it first… but I doubt he was talking about this: One of the most important things I have learnt when going out it to avoid Blesser hotspots. I have also learnt that different locations have different Blesser levels. Your hottest Blesser hotspots are your clubs like Taboo and Kong in Jo’burg. Here […]